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I 've recently gotten the opportunity to work with Parsel, a company that makes it easier for beauty/fashion lovers to find and shop items. It kind of reminds me of a shop-able Instagram, plus you can view videos from Youtubers on the site as well. As a Youtuber, I can add my videos to my shop and add the products from that video so my viewers can find everything in one place. I love this because I could add a photo as well instead of a video, so anyone from my Instagram can go directly to the link from my Parsel page too.

This is what you'll see when you go to my shop. I currently only have videos to choose from and I'm really excited to add more! I've added makeup and fashion items and my ideal use with my shop is to add more items each week from video projects and Instagram photos.

You can shop for items by Collection, Shop or Category. I currently only have one fashion video added to my shop so far and am honestly still getting the hang of it.
What do you guys think about my shop? Can you think of anything you might like to be different? Let me know in the comments! Btw, I'm posting sneaky video links to videos in my posts from here on out! Click here if you'd like to see my new 'Get Ready With Me: Fashion Blogging' video I'm going to make live later today on my main channel! Also, have you entered my HUGE GIVEAWAY yet? 
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