My Fall Wishlist 2015

I really can't believe it's almost October! There's so much about Fall I love and I wanted to share with you all my wish list for this season. I've never compiled a wishlist before on my blog so let me know in the comments if this is something you'd like to see from me again. 

I think what I like most about fashion and style in the Fall is layering; scarves, jackets, tops. I especially love the variety of boots! These are some of my style picks for Fall.

Black Denim

I love these black denim distressed jeans from Forever 21 that retail at $21.90 
I think they're perfect for the Fall season and a go-to for several outfits. I'd pair these with a flannel wrapped around my waist, a graphic T or grey V-neck and my combat boots - perf!


This light long V-neck Cardigan is gorgeous! This one is in the color 'Pink Hush' and it's at Nordstrom for $78.00 ---- a bit pricey but I think the quality from Nordstrom is always amazing. Whenever I get a new jacket/cardigan, I never take it off! This one looks cozy for breezy mornings & evenings.

Chunky Sweaters

How pretty is this color?! I especially love this autumn-colored sweater paired with a long necklace. It retails at $168 at Free People ---- yikes =P

Boots - $99

I think riding boots are my favorite kind of boot. In California, it's too hot for them in my opinion but every once in a while I can take mine out for the night. I tend to go for the medium brown shades but these black ones from Kohl's are stunning! I really like the detail on them with the buckle look closer to the top. 


I think fedoras have become the most popular fashion accessory on Pinterest in the last couple years --- they're everywhere! I've been dying over Bethany Mota's clothing line at Aeropostale ever since it came out in late 2013. I've since then picked up several items from different seasons and can't keep my eyes off this fedora. I like the gold chain around the brim and think I would rock it everyday... or almost everyday =) 
You can pick this one up for $13.00


Plaid scarves have been my thing lately. Again, living in California, it's a dream to wear them until it gets somewhat chilly but I dig them. I love these colors and the fringe on this Oblong plaid scarf from Target. It retails for $17.99

Dark Nail Colors

Lately I've been wearing a grey nail polish from Butter London called, 'Over the Moon' and haven't really changed to anything else. But, I do love this shade from Deborah Lippmann and would love to try it. It's called 'Miss Independent' and it's being sold for $18. 

What items are on your Fall wish list? Let me know in the comments below! 

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