Music Festival Essentials

       Music festival season is just around the corner and I recently made a video showing off some essential items to take with you if you're lucky enough to go. Click here for my Coachella Essentials video to see everything. In this blog post I've included a few from the video and one extra I wish I had thought of when filming and editing! 
*image taken from Instagram

       The other day I was in the mood to play around with a 'festival' look and this is what I came up with. Follow me on Instagram and my YouTube channel to see more makeup & fashion pics. 


Some of My Favorite Places in London

        If you follow my YT channel or social media, you'll know I won the Rimmel London #LondonLookContest and recently got back from London with my husband, Kyle. The whole experience was surreal and I'm excited to share my vlog soon with you guys! If you haven't seen my Snapchat compilation video, click here for a sneaky peek of meeting the Rimmel London team, Rita Ora and more! 
      Kyle and I would love to go back to London sometime soon and venture the streets more. During the day, I was with the Rimmel London team and the other international winners while Kyle strolled around and did whatever he wanted =) After the first day of touring London, I mentioned some places he should check out and we both ended up liking these places quite a bit. Here's some of the places I got to see that were my favorites...