Casual Two Piece

I fell short of last week's blog posts so I'm eager to jump into this week with more fashion, beauty & lifestyle posts! This is one of my favorite pieces I picked up from Sheinside, one of my favorite clothing brands! I was lucky enough to pick out a couple items for an upcoming video (I'm making live later today) and I'm excited to work with them more down the line.

I love this two piece because of the pattern and cut - I'm a fan of white and blue and it's perfect for the weather we've been having in California.

This two piece retails for $18.20 and had me skeptical at first because I thought that was too cheap for what you were getting. I'm pleasantly surprised and think the quality is much better than I thought it would be. My only hope is I can keep it clean (I'm a bit of a mess with white clothing - stains, spots, etc. I can't seem to keep away from them! LOL!) The heels I'm wearing are from Forever 21 and I picked them up for $25... again, not bad! Once the weather gets a little cooler, I'd like to pair this outfit with a leather jacket and booties. I'm excited to share more #OOTD posts soon for Fall! What are some fashion items you've been loving lately? Let me know in the comments!
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