Favorite Places In California

Hi all! I wanted to post about a few of my favorite places in California. My husband, Kyle and I have lived here now for a little over two and half years and there are a few places we both really love. If you guys like this, I'll make a part 2. 
Maybe for that, I could make it all about restaurants or places you have to really hunt for to find. As of now, these places are my top 5.


ShadowClutch Palette | Butter London

Butter London recently sent me their new ShadowClutch Natural Charm Palette
and I couldn't be more thrilled! I've only had this for a few days and I'm already hailing it as my favorite eye shadow palette.. EVER!

Each shadow is very unique and wearable - there are a few colors in this palette I've never seen anywhere else before and I'm excited to film some tutorials with it!


Monday Playlist

I wanted to make a different kind of post today sharing some music I've been loving! Here's a list of songs I can't get enough of, hope you guys like this and let me know which songs you've been loving lately!


Warm & Cozy Fall Outfit Ideas | 2015

Yesterday I uploaded a video to my main Youtube channel which featured some Fall outfit ideas! If you guys saw my Fall Wishlist post, then you probably know I'm loving all fashion & accessories that go into the Fall season; boots, knee high socks, flannel tops & more. 

I wanted to share some images that didn't make it into the video - let me know if you guys would like to see more Fall related posts! I have some fun, new ideas for cooking & home decor which I'm thinking of posting here instead of Youtube! #cray


Soap & Glory Now At Ulta!

Soap & Glory is now available at Ulta! I've been a fan before I even tried out any of their products - due to watching FleurDeForce on Youtube. Fleur's hauls made me want to get my hands on their products as soon as I could! Soap & Glory was kind enough to surprise me by sending a few items from their shop in New York, including my own, pink rubber duckie.

One thing I absolutely adore about their products is their packaging. That's what made me want to stock up when I first saw them online. All of the products have a pink, classic, yet fun look to them. 


My Fall Wishlist 2015

I really can't believe it's almost October! There's so much about Fall I love and I wanted to share with you all my wish list for this season. I've never compiled a wishlist before on my blog so let me know in the comments if this is something you'd like to see from me again. 

I think what I like most about fashion and style in the Fall is layering; scarves, jackets, tops. I especially love the variety of boots! These are some of my style picks for Fall.


10 Tips For Working From Home

I've been working from home now for almost 2 and a half months and am so happy with how everything has been going! I remember the day I was still working in an office in Korea Town, Los Angeles freaking out about giving my two weeks notice. I thought, 'am I really ready?' I was and I'm sure if you're currently working from home or have thought about working from home, that thought might have crept up. In this blog post, I'll give my top 10 tips for working from home as well as the steps I took before quitting my full-time office job.

1. Plan - When I realized I wanted to quit my office job, I knew I needed to start planning my exit. It wasn't just the 'I'm tired of doing this job' thought. I knew there was something else I wanted to do and needed the support to go for it.


Casual Two Piece

I fell short of last week's blog posts so I'm eager to jump into this week with more fashion, beauty & lifestyle posts! This is one of my favorite pieces I picked up from Sheinside, one of my favorite clothing brands! I was lucky enough to pick out a couple items for an upcoming video (I'm making live later today) and I'm excited to work with them more down the line.

I love this two piece because of the pattern and cut - I'm a fan of white and blue and it's perfect for the weather we've been having in California.


My Channels

Hope you all had an amazing Labor Day weekend. Kyle and I enjoyed BBQ and drinks at a friends house and going to Universal Studios Hollywood! I wanted to make today's post about my video from the past week and start incorporating my videos more on my blog. Here's the video from this past week;

This was especially fun and I got pretty good feedback from viewers. I went through how I get ready for a social media day; taking pictures, my backgrounds I like to use, products to feature and the tools I use. Check it out!


What's In My Clutch? Friday Night Essentials

I've thought about switching my Friday Favorites to Friday Night Essentials. Each Friday, I'll have a different night planned and share tips, stories or plans for what I intend to do or have done in the past. For this first Friday Night Essentials post, I'm sharing what I typically bring with me on a night out. Also you should know, most Friday nights I end up usually staying home, working on Saturday's video or chilling and watching Netflix with a GIANT bowl of popcorn. I know.. LAME lol. But every once in a while, I fancy a troll to some restaurants and bars in the neighborhood.

This is the usual necessities I'll bring in my clutch...


My Shop!

I 've recently gotten the opportunity to work with Parsel, a company that makes it easier for beauty/fashion lovers to find and shop items. It kind of reminds me of a shop-able Instagram, plus you can view videos from Youtubers on the site as well. As a Youtuber, I can add my videos to my shop and add the products from that video so my viewers can find everything in one place. I love this because I could add a photo as well instead of a video, so anyone from my Instagram can go directly to the link from my Parsel page too.

This is what you'll see when you go to my shop. I currently only have videos to choose from and I'm really excited to add more! I've added makeup and fashion items and my ideal use with my shop is to add more items each week from video projects and Instagram photos.


August Favorites | 2015

It's already September??? I feel like August went by in a week! I only have a few beauty favorites from August and you guys will get a sneaky peek of my new Favorites video on my vlog channel! I've set the video to unlisted for now and it'll be live later today... anywho, here are my beauty favorites...


My Fall Reading List 2015

A new Fall season is almost here.. can you believe it? I think Fall is my favorite time of the year and I wanted to share with you all what books I'm planning to get my hands on! Here are my top 10 books for Fall.