Favorite Photo Editing Apps For Instagram

      I've been editing videos and photos for a while now for Instagram and currently have 3 favorite apps I wanted to talk about. These are my go-tos I use when editing a picture on my phone and I have barely used anything else in the past few months. 

1. Afterlight

      This seems to be everyone's favorite - I love messing around with making photos brighter and using the saturation to enhance color or lack of color creating a faded look. I've been to beauty events at night where some of the pictures/selfies I'll take with people will look too dark (I can't stand the flash on my phone, I think it makes everyone look ghost-like lol) using Afterlight helps brighten a photo so much! It reminds me of Picmonkey where you can brighten the background of photos by turning up the highlight. I also love the filters you could use in Afterlight. Although I don't use them often, they can really change the tone of your photos.

2. Facetune

    I started using this app after watching Meghan Rienks' Youtube video on how she edits her Instagram photos. Her Instagram feed has been my favorite account for a while now - it looks so pulled together and I love the white theme. Very Tumblr =) In her video, she explains how she makes her backgrounds brighter and even more white, taking out any shadows, grey tones & even graffiti!

I know Facetune is even more popular for smoothing out wrinkles and even hiding blemishes, etc. I think doing too much of that looks a little creepy *facepalm* But I really like using this app to make my photos even brighter. I need to eliminate the word 'bright' and 'brighten' from my vocab for the rest of this post lol.

3. Frames

      Frames is perfect if you want to build a collage of photos together. I love doing this with some of my outfit or makeup posts and probably use this app once a week or every other week. It's your personal preference of course, I started using it more after looking through some of my favorite beauty/fashion bloggers. 

Hope you guys liked this quick post! Let me know in the comments what apps you like to use to edit photos for Instagram. Also, how do you make your Instagram stand out from other accounts? I like to be inspired by other accounts but try to create my own look, feel and style. If you use Instagram for your business, how do you make your Instagram look like your brand and not someone else's? 

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