Makeup Manual - For Everyone From Beginner to Pro by Bobbi Brown

      I've had a copy of Makeup Manuel by Bobbi Brown for a while now and realized I never did a proper book review on it. As a huge fan of Bobbi Brown's work and of makeup, I am still thoroughly impressed by this book. Whether you're starting out with makeup or a seasoned professional, this book is a must have for all makeup lovers out there. It's quite simply the best.  
 I love that each chapter covers so much information in a condensed yet helpful form and it ranges from several topics. Brushes, different makeup products and how to use them plus tips for building your portfolio and more. There's also so many pictures showing off her technique when applying makeup which is very helpful.

Since getting this book and going through it over and over again, I've come to appreciate makeup even more as an art form... more than I did before! & I got into makeup first by obsessing over Rick Baker's work! So that's saying something. I love Bobbi Brown's approach with clean looks, whether she's doing something very natural, edgy, or even stage makeup - every look is fresh and extremely well done. This book makes me want to be more creative with my own makeup looks and also inspires me to practice, practice & practice more. I picked up this book after I graduated from Paul Mitchell a couple years ago and was kind of kicking myself for not getting it when it first came out. Then, I was living in Missouri going to a cosmetology school that taught very little makeup but I was lucky to be under an amazing instructor who taught me so much. I think I wish I would have had this book then because it is perfectly filled with the most basic makeup tutorials to getting more advanced. When I first started out with makeup, I was confident with trying things but my technique was messy and I now realize things I used to do incorrectly. This book has been something very special to me as if it were a guitar for a musician or a paint brush for a painter. It's an excellent tool to learn from and I can't say enough good things about it. If you haven't picked it up yet and you're curious about learning more about makeup I highly recommend it!
I've been tossing around this idea to create some very basic tutorials on makeup techniques on my Youtube channel and hope to do so soon. That idea is obviously inspired by this book and I have my first video already uploaded to my channel set to go live later this week, possibly next week. Reason being I'm working with a brand on it and have yet to hear from them =)
Hope you guys are having a great start to the week! A new beauty video will be up in the afternoon AND thank you for all your sweet comments on my last video! You guys seem to like my lookbook videos so I'll make more =) YAY! Also planning a very cool giveaway with a TON of NYX Cosmetics products for this weekend. Double YAY!
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