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       For being still fairly new to the blogging world (this will be my second consistent year blogging!) I've read and kept my eye on a few key beauty & fashion bloggers I think you guys will love if you're not following them already. Do it! Here are my top 4 I've loved all last year and even some before then. I've also included ipsyOS at the end for beauty Youtubers and bloggers. Their blog is filled with incredible tips and advice for anyone who loves creating online content.
               *image taken from Instagram
1. Katie's Bliss
      I first found out about Katie from watching her Youtube channel a few years ago and really enjoy her channel and blog. She's got a great taste in fashion and she also shares lifestyle videos on her channel. Just scroll through her Instagram and you'll be hooked. I constantly get inspired by her posts and you will too. I also enjoy watching her Snapchat, Katie'sBliss - go check her out!

     *photo from Instagram 
2. FleurDeForce
       If you've been subscribed to my Youtube channel for a while, you may know that Fleur is my favorite Youtuber & blogger. I often mention her favorite products in some of my videos as well. I'm impressed by her work ethic and she always gives the best product reviews. No BS, she calls it as she sees it and I know her viewers really appreciate that! I also love her style and will shop her description bar from her videos at times (I have little self control lol - that Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal sweater from Boohoo is a must have!) Fleur also has a lash line, makeup line and is the author of The Glam Guide. No big deal =) Check out her Instagram here - lovely feed! I also should mention she recently won Outstanding Youtuber of the Year, voted for by Instyle readers and Best Getting Ready Video - this girl is on fire!
    *yup... Instagram!
3. City Fashion Girl 
        I can't get over Brianna's style & photos! I've admired this lady for a while now (we actually met at IMATS LA a couple years ago) and I love her Instagram feed as well! Her posts are always stunning, classy & fun with the most beautiful scenery. She's an avid traveler and every time I see a post from her I want her to style me! Or go shopping with me =) Brianna if you're reading this --- you're killing it and I love your blog! Brianna has new content every week and if you haven't checked out her Youtube channel out yet, go subscribe! 
        *image taken from ipsyOS' blog
4. ipsy OS

       If you're a Youtuber, blogger, social media beast or all of the above, you have to go follow the ipsyOS blog. It has a mother load of helpful information from "Everything You Need To Know About Influencer Marketplaces" to "How To Create Your Own Ipsy Studio At Home" and it goes on and on and....
Creators are also allowed to film at the studio for their own YT videos, gain free access to Generation Beauty & event parties plus get mentoring from Michelle Phan and her team at ipsy! 
It's a wonderful life.
If you're not a part of the ipsyOS community, go sign up and get involved! They also host Thirsty Thursday's where you can meet with other Youtubers/Bloggers and brands. 
Hope you guys enjoy these bloggers as much as I do - I think you will ;) Let me know in the comments who your favorite beauty/fashion bloggers are!
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