I've recently been playing with the idea of creating mini product reviews, hauls & quick tutorials on my Instagram and I've gotten some great feedback! I'd like to create these #InstaTutorials every week with an occasional #InstaHAUL or #InstaReview mostly including drugstore products! *I honestly go to Walgreens too much --- every week --- oops* A few weeks ago, someone reached out to me from a Walgreens campaign and asked if I could create a tutorial through pictures on my Instagram and I did =) It only took half an hour to get the shots I wanted and post it on the app. I've also been creating mini video reviews for another app called Showroom, which I've talked about in a few of my Youtube videos recently. Have you guys downloaded that app? You can find me under my real name, Sarah Ragsdale.

This quad is from Rimmel London and it's in 'Mayfair.' Been a favorite of mine since I picked it up from the drugstore. I also used the shades from this quad in my last #InstaTutorial. What would guys like to see from me on my Instagram? I would love to post more beauty related pictures while incorporating some variety.. maybe certain posts on each day of the week or more scattered. Let me know what you guys think & follow me on Instagram! I'll follow back so we can stalk each other! =)
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Nicole said...

Such a beautiful look.