Friday Favorites!

WE MADE IT! Lol Happy Friday everyone! I'm excited to share some new favorites of mine that I've been loving this past week!

My husband, Kyle has been sending me pictures of cute animals all week! Can't forget Ozzy of course =) Made my days a little better looking at that of that cuteness! It's the small things guys

Saw this going around online the day after the Oscars and couldn't stop laughing!

Drink favorite goes to ---- caramel latte. I tend to go for cappuccinos and vanilla lattes but this sounded great earlier in the week... something a little sweeter!
And now for some skin care and hair products favorites...


Arc Beauty has a line of skin care products I recently started using and have been loving them! Above is their eye cream and I also got a mask, moisturizer and a cleanser. I'm going to post a separate review on the blog early next week so make sure to check back then!

I've also been applying my Body Butter in 'Beurre Corporel' from The Body Shop like crazy! It's the product that's been in my bag everyday and it has a slight vanilla, sweet scent to it.

Next favorite is from Not Your Mother's ---- their Beach Babe Moisturizing Shampoo has blown me away. If you guys have been watching my Youtube channel for a little while now, you might know I went platinum blonde last summer. That took a toll on my hair of course and since going back to my natural color, I've been trying to get it healthy again --- the way it was before bleaching it!
Anyway, this product has made my hair feel silky and smooth and I've noticed my hair just looks shiny and healthy again. Plus it smells amazing do that's always great =) It really does smell like the ocean mixed with a coconut scent.

What have been your favorites this past week? Let me know in the comments!

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