Here's to 2015

Here's to a new year! This post may be coming late --- look at that! It's already February! BTW welcome to my new blog! This is something I've wanted to get into for a while now (and actually have off and on *shoot me*) and I honestly, probably like any new blogger, have no idea what I'm doing! I would love to share so much on this platform and I'm beyond thrilled to just get started! From life experience, that's just how you do it --- you start. Recently, I've realized I've been planning and planning and have not put anything out here yet so here I am.

I hope to share encouraging words, amazing recipes, makeup & hair product favorites (of course) and the focal point I think will be fashion posts *gasp* I'm also planning something special for all you book lovers! Starting this new year, I think I would really like to include more fashion posts on my social media and one of the best ways to share pics and inspiration is through a blog.. at least that's what I'm thinking ;) Hope you guys come along on this new journey with me as I grow on this (new to me) format and I can't wait to update this layout! Cheers! Sarah

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