Lately, I've noticed the views on my recent videos are lower than the norm and quite frankly, that drives me insane. I believe it's due to working with too many brands at this point (which is great for me, but not so much for my viewers). As much as I try to incorporate the products I really do love into my videos, it seems to completely backfire when someone sees that it might be sponsored. 
       So, in my new video, I talk about my thoughts and feelings on sponsored videos - mine and other Youtubers. I also bring up what direction I want to take my channel and whether or not I will be working with so many brands in the future. 
       In my YouTube analytics, I noticed that the highest viewed videos on my channel are NOT sponsored. If you're a YouTuber and look at the top 10 videos in your analytics from the past 30 days, you know what your audience want to see more of.
That's when I realized my channel cannot grow if I keep working with brands. Which is unfortunate because that's how I pay my bills =( 
What are your thoughts on sponsored videos? 
Click HERE to watch my video! I'm considering being VERY strict when I do decide to work with a brand in the future but I think you guys might agree with what I have to say. 
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