Some of My Favorite Places in London

        If you follow my YT channel or social media, you'll know I won the Rimmel London #LondonLookContest and recently got back from London with my husband, Kyle. The whole experience was surreal and I'm excited to share my vlog soon with you guys! If you haven't seen my Snapchat compilation video, click here for a sneaky peek of meeting the Rimmel London team, Rita Ora and more! 
      Kyle and I would love to go back to London sometime soon and venture the streets more. During the day, I was with the Rimmel London team and the other international winners while Kyle strolled around and did whatever he wanted =) After the first day of touring London, I mentioned some places he should check out and we both ended up liking these places quite a bit. Here's some of the places I got to see that were my favorites...

Camden Town
     Camden reminded me a bit of Hollywood when I first stepped off the tube, which was a turn off at first, until we walked a little further into the area. There are some souvenir shops that have a ton of British gear but once I walked past some of those stores and got into the heart of Camden, there were more small town looking shops and food markets that were amazing! This is also the area Amy Winehouse lived in and we stopped by her old favorite bar, The Hawley Arms.  I really enjoyed wandering around the shops outside and seeing a marketplace that used to be a stable for horses. This is now a place where you can shop, get a bite to eat and even rent party rooms with your friends and each room has a different theme to it. If you're planning a London visit, check this place out!

Piccadilly Circus
  We stayed at St. Martin's Lane Hotel and were very close to Piccadilly Circus - a Londoner called it, "London's Las Vegas!"There are a few casinos in that area, including bars, restaurants, shops and movie theaters. Everything is so close together, it only takes a few minutes to walk where you want to go. Kyle and I ventured into this area to find a Nandos and were successful! I've heard about various places in London I wanted to try out - I watch so many London based YouTubers and follow their blogs - I told Kyle about Nandos and he was in. We ate chicken, mashed potatoes, rice, french fries and started feeling our jet lag by the end of the meal =) It's also gorgeous scenery for photos (like all of London lol) so we took some #OOTD pics and filmed a London Lookbook there as well. I'm uploading that video later this week so keep an eye out! *Follow my Snapchat hehe: sarahrocksdale*

The London Eye
       Such an amazing view and experience! I took the London Eye with the Rimmel team and wanted to have another go-around on it =) It lasts for half an hour but it really felt like 10 or 15 minutes! Well, we were Snapchatting, eating snacks, drinking champagne and filming videos while riding it but...anywho *lol* We also took it at night so we saw the whole city lit up and Big Ben looked very small by the time we got to the top of the wheel (316 ft. 😱) Getting on and off the London Eye was fun too =) it doesn't stop so you have to jump lol.
       These are just a few (very few) of the places I got to see when visiting. I feel like I've ran all over London and am still taking it all in. I also enjoyed Covent Garden, Brick Lane, Carnaby Street, Big Ben & Oxford Street just to name a few more. The food and drinks were amazing too and I'm thinking of making another blog post just for those as well. Let me know in the comments if you would like to see that or hear more about the other places I've listed above. 
      Winning this contest and meeting the Rimmel London team and Rita Ora has been again, a whirlwind experience and I feel so fortunate to have won and gone. 
ALSO - I'm sure you guys have noticed I've had a bit of writers block on my blog the past few weeks! I think with YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook I tend to share a lot of my life and what's going on, my blog has kind of been on the back burner lately. BUT I am excited to share some more blog posts soon and I would really like to share more of my writing and lifestyle posts. I love fashion and beauty but I tend to get quite bored with it from time to time and am considering making my blog a place where I can talk more about traveling, food & other life topics. Let me know what you think of that and what you guys would like to see from me here on my blog.
If you've been to London, what's your favorite place to visit? If you've never been, where would you like to go the most?  Here's a few pics from my Instagram =) Enjoy! 

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