Music Festival Essentials

       Music festival season is just around the corner and I recently made a video showing off some essential items to take with you if you're lucky enough to go. Click here for my Coachella Essentials video to see everything. In this blog post I've included a few from the video and one extra I wish I had thought of when filming and editing! 
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       The other day I was in the mood to play around with a 'festival' look and this is what I came up with. Follow me on Instagram and my YouTube channel to see more makeup & fashion pics. 
1. Flash Tattoos
       This is a given - these have been trending for a while now and I don't think they're leaving anytime soon. I love the metallic designs and I could honestly wear these year round. I love combining different patterns together and stacking bracelets or necklaces with them. Super cute!
2. Sunnies

       When I travel anywhere, I love to carry a few different pairs of sunglasses with me. One, I might loose a pair (go figure) two, I like to stay stylish =) duh... and three, they break. I've lost so many pairs of sunglasses and have broken a few as well, it's like I throw them around like a bag. My bad. BUT keeping a few pairs on you does give you option for upping your outfit. I personally love cat-eyed styled sunglasses and Aviators. What style do you guys like best?
  3. Sunblock & Water

        Must-haves! Stay hydrated and protect your skin. I love having drinks when I'm on a vacation but when you're outside for too long it's important to keep hydrated. Your body will thank you for it and you'll have more energy throughout the day. I also love it when I come back from an outside event I've attended all day and I'm not beat red! LOL - My nose is prone to get red if I don't re-apply sunblock when I'm out all day on camping trips, at music festivals, etc. 
What are some music festival essentials you would take with you? 

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I love this look!!!😍