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        If you're like me and have ever struggled with unwanted hair, these products are must haves! I've teamed up with Completely Bare to show off their Facial Moisturizer & Hair Inhibitor and their Ingrown Hair Razor Bump & Redness Eliminator
      I've struggled with unwanted hair most of my adolescent to adult life - from wanting to shave daily, finding hair above my top lip (yeah.. not so fun) and getting ingrown hairs that can be sensitive. Ever since I started my hair removal journey I've mostly kept to shaving, plucking with tweezers and even tried at-home laser hair removal. I found out quickly I wasn't a fan of laser hair removal (none that I've tried worked) and foams tended to be a bit messy. My skin also seemed irritated by those products so I've stuck to shaving and plucking.
       Until now.. I think Completely Bare's hair removal products are perfect if you're wanting to go "fuzz free" or need to "calm down" areas that might be sensitive or have redness. 

The Facial Moisturizer & Hair Inhibitor is perfect for your face and neck. Just apply it to your face gently after hair removal and use daily. 
The Ingrown Hair Razor Bump & Redness Eliminator is great to use for irritated places. You can use a cotton ball or pad to any effected area after waxing or shaving. It soothes the skin and you can use it daily. 
Have you guys ever struggled with unwanted hair? Let me know your story in the comments! 
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