Monday Motivation

      Here's to a new week. Monday used to be something I would dread and now, not so much. I actually kind of look forward to them --- hope I'm not freaking you out. I thought it would be nice to list off a few tips that help me get motivated at the start of the week.

1. The first thing I like to do Friday or Monday, is plan out my week. 

      I like to do this on Friday before the next week comes so I'm more aware of what will be going on. If not, I'll tackle this first thing Monday morning with my planner, notebook & of course, coffee! I love sitting in the kitchen area and looking through my planner, spotting things that need to get done that day, the next day and also the rest of that week. I'll also bring my laptop into this double checking everything. I make Youtube videos every week and am constantly working with several brands so I like to make sure I have video deadlines met, any phone appointments noted, etc. Honestly, I get so much more focused and relaxed when I have a game plan of my week at the beginning.

2. Dress For Your First Day Back

       I kind of really like getting ready ----> if you've been a subscriber to my Youtube channel for a while you'll already know that. But I don't have to get all glammed up because I do work from home. Unless I'm filming a video, I usually don't wear makeup and my hair is only 'kind of' done haha! But I love getting up in the morning, getting dressed for the day & looking put together. I'm not sure what's behind that, but I feel more motivated to get things done when I'm not chilling in my pjs for the day. 
Even just simple jeans and t-shirt help to get me going. When I was a kid, I realized if I took a little time getting ready to go somewhere, I felt more excited about going there... wherever. Again, not sure what's behind that psychology but it seems to help.

3. Snacks & Coffee

       If you're in a work environment where coffee is supplied, that's awesome. Ha! I also love checking my emails first thing in the morning while sipping on coffee or tea and I feel that it helps me stay up. Caffeine, thank you.  Throughout the day when I'm getting back into the work week, I also have found little snacks to help. Around 3pm I get into this sleepy/zombie-like trance where I can't concentrate very well and just a little bit to munch on helps me wake up and get back to work. My personal favorites are; cheeses, fruit, crackers & sausages! Pepperoni slices are great too, and peanut butter with apples or hummus with baby carrots --- YUM!

4. Take A Break

      You're just starting out another week so don't let yourself get stressed or overwhelmed with anything. I like to go outside or read for a few minutes when I feel that I'm starting to get on edge. If I'm sitting in front of my computer for hours I'll start to physically feel like I'm getting sick - sore muscles, feeling hot and a headache. Ugh. That's no fun. I like keeping on top of my work but it's important to take care of yourself and take a break when you need it. I've set an alarm on my phone before just as a reminder: I'm stepping away from my desk now and the work will still be there when I get back lol.

And that's really it. I do like to listen to music or exercise too but these are some of the things I've found that really help me get a little more motivated at the start of the week. 

What are some things you like to do to get motivated? Let me know in the comments!
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