#FBF - My Favorite Snack & Drink Recipes

      Hope you guys have had a great week! Thought of adding a little #FBF to my blog today featuring some snack recipe videos. Let me know if you like these and if you'd like to see more! Here are just a few of the healthier snacks I like to make and I've also included a DIY Holiday drink recipe from Starbucks - Butterbeer! I think I'd like to incorporate more recipe videos into my vlog channel; breakfast & lunch ideas, coffee drinks & more. My current favorite for a quick to make, healthy breakfast is avocado toast.

        Click here to see how to make it. I love eating this as a side with whatever else I'm having in the morning or alone - I think it's even filling enough to have it without the toast. I was curious about making this a few months back after scrolling through Pinterest and have loved it ever since. It takes less than two minutes to make and it's so delicious!

My favorite - popcorn! Here's a healthier way of making it. I actually started making this on the stove with some coconut oil in a deep pot and lid, shaking it as it pops then adding a little sea salt. Maybe the unhealthy part would be adding butter *evil grin* It's so good!
Hot & Sour Soup - Yum! This is actually a cheating recipe but I'd love to make this from scratch in an upcoming vlog video. Also, may not be so much on the healthy side.... any who....
      And, from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, or Starbucks - Butterbeer! Made this video a couple years ago showing off how to DIY this drink at home. Very, very tasty!
Have you tried out any of these snacks? Let me know in the comments and also what your favorite recipes are!
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