Fall Essentials

 With Fall around the corner, I've already started planning for pumpkin carving, DIY Starbucks coffee drink making, Halloween, scary movies to see & everything else I love about the season. I also have an exciting announcement for you guys who follow my main Youtube channel - here's my list of just a few Fall Essentials!

1. Cozy Atmosphere

I love breaking out the heavier blankets for Fall and Winter. I also live in California so I really don't need to, but I'm from Missouri so it's a nice habit I grew up with. Especially when I've just made some tea or coffee, curl up with a book and let my dog, Ozzy snore on my lap. 

2. Fall Decor

Last year, I made a Fall Room Decor Video for my Youtube channel and really had fun getting into the Fall mood. After looking through a few pages of Pinterest, it's hard to not want to start decorating. Kyle and I have painted pumpkins, pinecones, mason jars, added some Fall-ish color flowers, thrown decor leaves around, carved pumpkins... the list goes on, and that's a lot of painting. I've seen so many simple ideas you can make at home that really don't take up too much time. One item I really like is a wreath made of leaves to hang on your door. Hmm.. I need to go to Hobby Lobby. 

3. Netflix &/Or HBO

Netflix and HBO. Have it year around if you can but especially for Fall. If you're in the mood for scary movies, there's plenty to see; teen screams, psychological thrillers (my favorite) and slasher flicks (not so much a fan of) they have an alright list that keeps changing. 

A few of My favorites:

Some of the TV shows are pretty creepy as well, if that's something you're into. Kyle and I were watching Penny Dreadful on Showtime and got pretty freaked out! You can see that show on Showtime with one month's free subscription. Fair warning: that show gets very dark - I love it, you might not. 

4. Scarves

Scarves are probably my favorite Fall accessory. Oh the variety! Infinity, chunky, knit, light materials, patterned, solid colors, fringed, laced, etc. etc. Ingrid Nilsen from Youtube has claimed her friends called scarves her 'neck brace' because she used to wear them constantly. I guess I could call them that for myself as well =)

5. Deeper Makeup Shades For Fall

I love the Summer to Fall transition with fashion and makeup! Switching out my coral lipstick for a cool toned red, champagne colored eye shadow to metallics or darker browns.. I dig it. I'm also a rule breaker and think you could really wear these colors whenever throughout the year. BUT it's fun to see other makeup lovers switch it up and get inspired to create some edgier looks for Fall. I've been loving the NYX Cosmetics single eye shadows and this black lipstick (not found online) from Gallany. I really don't sport the black lipstick much yet but I may be wearing it often closer to Halloween =)

And for the announcement. Later today I'm going to upload a makeup tutorial to my main Youtube channel, launching my own page where you guys can shop looks from my videos! Check out my shop here, I've only just started adding a few items but I'm very excited to have a corner of the internet where I can list products, outfits, etc. and make it more shop-able for my viewers if they're wanting some of those items. I also really love the way my shop looks! Let me know if you guys head over there and like what you see, you can browse through categories, products and my videos! 

One more thing - I'm blogging again! SHOCKER - lol I've missed blogging and am overly excited about getting back into it! So you guys know my blogging schedule, I'll be posting Monday through Friday every week starting today and I have SO MUCH PLANNED it's cRaZy! So subscribe to my blog so you won't miss a post! On my beauty channel, I'm uploading Monday, Thursday and Saturday then on my vlog channel, I'm uploading every Wednesday - busy bee. Buzz buzz

What are some of your Fall Essentials? Let me know in the comments! Tomorrow I'll be posting my Fall reading list! Until then.. 

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