Post Vacation Blues? How To Deal

You've gone away on vacation and come back to the day to day activities feeling a little... ugh...less than thrilled. Here are some tips for getting back into a routine and conquering post vacation blues!

  1. Ease Into It. Don't over due or over-plan anything. Usually, I like to create a to-do list and try to get as much done in a day as possible, but when coming back from vacation, I felt slightly unmotivated and sluggish as if I were running in slow motion and the bad guy was right on my heels about to catch me. Not the best feeling. My opinion, is to spread out those things that need to be done through the week and coming weekend and learn to let go a little. Feeling at ease on vacation then coming back to a whirl wind of stress seems counter productive for your mind and health =) Give yourself a little time and take it slow, you'll get there.
  2. Start With Small Things. Lucky us, Kyle and I cleaned the apartment and ran some errands before heading to Missouri. Even then, coming back from your vacation, there are always things to do when you get back. I think starting with the smaller things on my list felt like I was getting more done than I probably was. Instead  of tackling the bigger things first, (whether that be going through your budget, scheduling what you're doing that week, sifting and returning emails) try starting with simple house chores like unpacking, dishes or laundry. I love letting the laundry wash and dry while I'm going through my 'to do' list and taking a mini break from whatever I end up doing to fold and throw in another load. Of course, that's pretty much what anyone else does =) I'll play music or leave the television on for background noise and get to it.

3. Get Some Rest. Sleep! What can be better than going to sleep a little earlier the night before your first day back at work and feeling refreshed? I've also had a few at-home spa nights =) bath, music, reading... yes!

4. Change Up Your Routine. I like change when it comes to a schedule because I get bored easily. Coming back from being out of town makes me not want to stick to the same ho-hum routine I had before being out and fancy free. I still do the same things, (house chores, editing, filming, writing, reading, etc.) but I like to change up when I do those things. Lately, it's been simply doing what I feel like doing.. whenever. Before, it was; this then this, then I'll do this before this... lame. Also, getting some things done in the morning rather than when I come back home from work feels great! Oh look! It's already done!

5. Enjoy Where You Are Now. Savor and enjoy present moments. Let's go a day at a time. It's easy to live in your fantasy future, things you can't wait to do, where to go and people to meet, etc. take each moment and enjoy it. Enjoy what's going on right now. Remember how relaxed and chill you felt while you were away? Don't loose that, you can take that with you everyday.
And if you're still craving a bit of wanderlust, there's no harm in planning your next vacation destination... thank you Pinterest. =)

Where are you guys planning to go this summer? Or, let me know where you've visited lately! I'd love to hear!

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